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Discussions on How To Quit Carbs, How Effective Are Charities and Why The Fuss

Topic of Carb: My weakness, like most anyone, is carbs and starchy foods. With each meal I make, I wonder how can I workaround carbs/starch foods without experiencing withdrawals, or feeling a void in my stomach as if I hadn’t eaten anything. Drink water most say to fill that void, and sure, I’ve done that but I still crave all the borderline bad-for-you carbs. This article is a pretty easy approach to tricking your body into consuming what feels like carbs, except it is a healthier alternative to help you wean you off all things carb…

When you’re craving toast… Rice Cakes. – When you’re craving crackers… Seaweed Snacks. – When you’re craving tacos… Cabbage, Bib Lettuce & Other Greens. – When you’re craving pizza…Paleo Pizza Crust. – When you’re craving a grain bowl…Cauliflower Rice. {more}

Charity or not: a decade ago I was an advocate for all things charity until I learned how the donations or funds are truly distributed – so I sort of stopped believing and turned to other ways of helping out. Like volunteer work and on occasion helping the local homeless get a warm meal. But deep down I always wish I could trust enough to do more – sort of like Alexandre Mars

We live in the world of solutions. How can I ask you to give money if I’m not able to show you where the money goes? {more}

For the cameras please: Why The Fuss over thisthis – this and this – I’m wondering if we truly crave the knowledge or is the media encouraging us to be intrigued, evident in this photo?  Photo-journalism does speak volumes. Tell me am I reading too much into this – or…

On another note – have you seen this Netflix original show – a dark comedy I am sensing from the first four episodes I’ve watched so far.  Better yet what have you been watching and recommend – past GOT. 

{featured image source}

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