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Food: Dinner Tonight- Rice and More Rice Dishes

Every week I sit down with my mother and plan out her meals – and afterwards do her grocery shopping accordingly. The other day, when I suggested rice as a side dish, she voiced, pretty passionately that she’s grown tired of the simply steamed rice or rice pilaf. So, I decided to do a search for some rice recipes that are actually the main dish and have committed to mom that I will make the ones she might want to try. Naturally I had to share some of my favorites as well:

Top row left to right: herbed-chicken-salad-over-crispy-rice, rissoto, Sweet Potato rice soup
Middle Row left to right: Crispy green rice, black and wild rice salad with roasted squash, tumeric rice salad.
Bottom row left to right: Chicken and rice soup with green chiles and ginger, rice with parsley almond and apricots, veggie fried rice

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