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Lifestyle: In Touch With Reality

Some days I step off cloud nine to focus more on the realities of life – you know – to help adjust my being to accept the things I cannot change, and to change those that will help me become a better version of myself. And although with age, comes wisdom, there are times, the opinion of others are needed to add  reassurance in whatever it is that is paralyzing:

One of the things I realize more each day, is just how much we’ve all become a ticking bomb – ready to go off on the smallest of mishaps, unfortunate change of events, and other things that is not in the plan. Just the other day, two men were screaming from their car at an elderly woman trying to pull into a parking spot. They wouldn’t let up, causing her more confusion and difficulty in parking.  How to be a more patient person is the topic of this article


A sanity checklist is helpful of course – especially when dealing with the worst case of anxiety – like myself. I try my best every single day to not feel overly anxious about all of the upcoming in my life – and instead focus on each one separately. Short term and Long Term things are listed in a journal and checked off according to priority. And if things get the best of me, I step away. Take a day to myself, walking helps and anything else to take the mind off of the list of anxiety, I call it.

Did you know washing dishes is a wonderful stress release. I knew this for a while now, but my mother was surprised when I told her just how much I love cooking and washing dishes by hand. At her age, she’s grown tired of both chores and wishes she can use paper plates and never cook again.


I welcome an online quiz, and will simple indulge to have a topic of conversation over dinner with family or friends. So this one The First Animal you See Reveals A Lot About Your Personality – oh go on – try it

And Finally, here’s my favorite – About being a strong woman – of which I personally only know a few. And although these are the traits of a strong woman, there is one thing that can be defined as an Achilles’ heel. Can you figure out which it is from the list?

You cannot go against your conscience

You don’t care to play by the rules

You hate pretentious and phony people

 You give but expect nothing in return.

Your intensity scares them

You are either all in or out

You don’t ask, demand, or pine for attention

You let your heart lead even if it hurts

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  1. Is the Achilles heel Leading with your heart even if it hurts? I can see this having adverse effects on a strong woman.

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