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Today’s Articles of Interest – A Great Distraction if You Are Having A Bad Day

There was much shock to my system on Saturday from back to back bad news – to the point I spent the entire night awake, unable to breathe or shake it off, which naturally carried over to Sunday, where I took my routine 3-4 mile walk in a daze. The only thing I want to remember from the weekend, is that sometimes you need a few days to heal before moving on  – looking ahead, and moving forward. It’s all we can do when faced with traumatic events on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This morning, I decided to actually go into the office, instead of working from home, to assist in the healing process, about a topic I am not yet ready to talk about. {featured image source}

Lifestyle: In Touch With Reality

Some days I step off cloud nine to focus more on the realities of life – you know – to help adjust my being to accept the things I cannot change, and to change those that will help me become a better version of myself. And although with age, comes wisdom, there are times, the opinion of others are needed to add  reassurance in whatever it is that is paralyzing: One of the things I realize more each day, is just how much we’ve all become a ticking bomb – ready to go off on the smallest of mishaps, unfortunate change of events, and other things that is not in the plan. Just the other day, two men were screaming from their car at an elderly woman trying to pull into a parking spot. They wouldn’t let up, causing her more confusion and difficulty in parking.  How to be a more patient person is the topic of this article.    A sanity checklist is helpful of course – especially when dealing with the worst case …