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Today’s Articles of Interest – A Great Distraction if You Are Having A Bad Day

There was much shock to my system on Saturday from back to back bad news – to the point I spent the entire night awake, unable to breathe or shake it off, which naturally carried over to Sunday, where I took my routine 3-4 mile walk in a daze.

The only thing I want to remember from the weekend, is that sometimes you need a few days to heal before moving on  – looking ahead, and moving forward. It’s all we can do when faced with traumatic events on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

This morning, I decided to actually go into the office, instead of working from home, to assist in the healing process, about a topic I am not yet ready to talk about.

The Debate Over the Apostrophe – More So for sticklers about grammar

The ‘garbage’ language – you need to to know if you want to work for a start up and one that makes me chuckle every time

How Serious Are you about Wikipedia – do you consider it a reliable source

Habits to Cure Imposter Syndrome – Be Kind to Yourself

Why Have We Stopped Listening?

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