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Travel: Romantic Road Trip – Rome to Paris

I haven’t yet adventured to go on an actual road trip through Europe. I always feel train travel is sufficient in getting me to where I needed to go without the stress of driving while on vacation in a foreign country. Although, a friend of mine who lives in England took me on weekend road trips throughout the country last March and this past May and since then I’ve been thinking – is it something to experience at least once, with a loved one or even a friend to explore outside my comfort zone-driving on foreign soil. And just as I’ve been contemplating, this bit of article popped up on my screen. A road trip from Rome to Paris

Now, I have been to all of these destinations, except Reims and Stresa and perhaps I can chart my own romantic or otherwise road trip to see destinations unreachable by RailEurope. But I will say, if you haven’t been to these amazing and beautiful places, and want a fairly simple and planned road trip, then reach out to AutoEurope and plan that road trip.

The romantic city of Bern is best experienced in September and October

I can’t say enough about Cinque Terre and a road trip makes it easier to get around – in terms of not experiencing MANY MANY train delays and off season ferry schedules

Florence is best explored on foot and by train – but driving makes it easier to adventure out of this ancient city and to Pisa and more

{Featured image of Dijon, France from here}

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