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Travel: Beautiful Small Towns in America

Since my quick and dirty trip to Montana, mostly landing in Idaho, Utah, before finally Great Falls, I got to see not only the beautiful scenery, but also get a glimpse  of small towns settled between the majestic mountains and winding rivers.  This is a trip I’ve been planning for years, to explore the U.S.  Except I don’t know which season is best – Spring or Fall, which I think I am leaning more towards. Driving from one state to the next, in sections. North, East, South, since I’ve seen the west, time and time again. With that plan in mind, I’ve tagged this list of 50 most beautiful small towns in the U.S. and figured you might want to see for yourself some of my favorites and perhaps plan a similar trip.  

Travel: Romantic Road Trip – Rome to Paris

I haven’t yet adventured to go on an actual road trip through Europe. I always feel train travel is sufficient in getting me to where I needed to go without the stress of driving while on vacation in a foreign country. Although, a friend of mine who lives in England took me on weekend road trips throughout the country last March and this past May and since then I’ve been thinking – is it something to experience at least once, with a loved one or even a friend to explore outside my comfort zone-driving on foreign soil. And just as I’ve been contemplating, this bit of article popped up on my screen. A road trip from Rome to Paris Now, I have been to all of these destinations, except Reims and Stresa and perhaps I can chart my own romantic or otherwise road trip to see destinations unreachable by RailEurope. But I will say, if you haven’t been to these amazing and beautiful places, and want a fairly simple and planned road trip, then reach …