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Food: Where To Go In the States For Your Favorite Dish

Perfecting a dish is a work of art – and to experience the best of your favorite foods, you must travel through the 50 states. For example in my case, I’d need to go to:

For no frills pizza – New York is the place that made it to this list. Hmmm, I wonder what the Chicagoians think about this

Runza (Submarine Sandwich) from Nabraska. We have various versions of this sandwich or close to it here in California -but I am game to trying the one and only original version.

Cider doughnuts from New Hampshire for that East coastline travel I am planning for next year.

Cincinnati Chili. I would have never guessed. But I am game to try it since Chili is truly my all-time favorite comfort food

Best place to eat a cheese steak sandwich is in Philly, while experiencing a football game among the Pennsylvania fans. Now that’s a party

Tennesee BBQ I admit is pretty solid, and then there are a few other states that do it just as well. Different flavors so you can’t compare. They are all delicious to me

{featured image – Cedar plank salmon from Washington}

I swear my list of favorites can go on and on, but it’s only fair if you go here to see the rest of the best dishes across the 50 states. I also realize while gathering my list that my brain is subconsiously in comfort food mode.

What’s your favorite Americanized dish? And what state is best known in your opinion – for the best a dish can offer.


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