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Sunday Edition: Depression From Work

Depression comes in many forms and we all know that. But I think the most avoidable is the one we experience at work/from work. Whether too much of it, unrealistic expectations from a boss, or the pressure of fitting in, or liking all the changes taking shape, which could potentially put you out of a job. I believe no one should endure job-related stress – unless of course it is a personal run business. Then that is a choice you have made going into it. If a job makes you feel less than you are, then consider another. If a career no longer fits your style, look elsewhere. Find your happiness, is all I say, or find a way to make your workplace a happy one.

Believe me I’ve done it both ways. Left a job that made me feel the worst of me, and altered the one that put me in a happy place. And the reason this topic came to mind, is because, a few good friends of mine are experiencing and dealing with too many issues at work, and while listening, I realize to some degree my one friend is correct, while the other is simply not fitting in. The one who is correct in her assessment of her work environment, could stand up for herself without falling apart in front of her boss, and the other who feels she doesn’t fit in, should seek for a better opportunity else. While empathizing with them for the past several months,  I have also been forwarding helpful reads to hopefully help them see how best to proceed.

So for those of you feeling the same in your search for a happy work place or simply being happy while at a job you have outgrown, here’s some helpful suggestions:

Forbes take on work depression and how to recognize it

Being pushed out of a job is the top of this EVERYDAY HEALTH article

How to cope with depression at work from HUFFPOST – click here

And finally 10 tips to help you find a job that will make you happy

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