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Travel: All About Off Season

I found a great airfare online early February and decided to book my flight – to leave a month later. I just couldn’t resist the price, and later when booking my hotels I found the same perfect deals. I was excited and couldn’t wait to pack and leave the US for a three-week journey to the UK mostly and a few days in Paris.

I arrived on the 3rd to London and was cheaffeured to friend’s house in a town an hour and half away from the Heathrow. Although I was very tired from the eleven hour overly warmed aircraft for the comfort of only those that love a stuffy space to sleep, I looked forward to the conversation I had with my driver. Don’t get me wrong I am not a snob in any sense of the word, and a cheaffeured drive is a norm to get me to the said town, my friend would rather I leave unnamed.

Friday was a rest day, because early morning on Saturday we would drive to Stratford-Upon-Avon our first stop of three or four in the region. The only downside of off-season travel is the weather, mostly unpredictable and mainly annoying, for the photographer at heart. Otherwise it is most enjoyable to walk about the cobblestone streets through minimal crowds, and the museums and sights offer up the best of discounts for their sometimes overpriced entrance fees.

The drive was two hours from where she lived. We checked in and quickly walked over to the town where I managed to capture a few photos:


My favorite of bookstores


Best carrot cake ever most any bakery so far


Where to eat and really where to eat was the question of the day


Our efforts to head back to our hotel before the nasty storm looming yonder


An evening stroll through Shakespeare Theatre where various costumes from the plays were on display. The on here is Victoria and Albert’s wedding attire – which happens to be the start of white wedding gowns apparently.

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