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Travel: Is The Most Interesting Of Topics

At least to me. I decided to start the new year talking travel – my favorite subject and something I wish I can do the entire year.  So, without much delay, here are the top travel destinations for January – or February – if you decide you need a week or two off to recover from all the holiday stress, or planning a romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day or simply getting married and need a wintertime  honeymoon destination.

Boutique Hotel Pick – Belmond La Residencia – Mallorca, Spain

I can’t say it enough – October is a wonderful time to travel and with the need of taking a week or so to simply unplug, you may want to consider Mallorca, Spain and this spectacular boutique hotel, which is  wonderful anniversary present, or a honeymoon destination or just because. I mean really, what more do I need to say?

In the Meantime – Here’s a Few Things I’ve Shared

While I regroup or find a new rhythm in my hectic life these days, I decided to share some of this and that I’ve posted on RS&S as well as my other site: Travel: `1. Paris Past the Eiffel Tower, 2. All About Asia,  3. Past the High Season,  4.Travel Need to Know    Food: Chicken Ramen, 2. Chicken Tortilla Soup, 3. Wild Mushroom Pasta, 4. Sweet Potato-Yogurt-Baked Beans From My Author Page: About That Movie… I offer up my two-cents worth about films, the making of, and what to see and not.

Travel: Past the High Season

Enjoy your eclipse sighting – if you happen to be the fortunate few who can actually see it. Now, pas the eclipse sighting, I also realize most everyone is pre-occupied with back-to-school or sending their kids off to college or first days of pre-school. But the great part of this season, past the sentimental parents, is travel. This is the time I add the final touches to my usual September or October travels to Europe. So, if you happen to be not so busy with anything else, you might enjoy these travel topics:

Travel: Day 3 – Cotswolds

When I was in my late teens I happened to be walking past a street artist at an art festival who had on display photographs or lithographs of the Cotswolds. I stopped and talked to this man for about an hour, mostly discussions about his style of capturing art, and a little about the time he lived in the region. He was an American, and I ended up buying four framed pictures at fifteen US dollars a piece of the most beautiful cottages and street scenes I have ever seen since my days of marveling over perfectly bound European children’s fairytale books. Since then I told myself I would someday go to  ‘Cotswolds’, thinking it was a town. Until this year when I got serious about traveling through the English countryside did I learn that the Cotswolds is not a specific town but rather a number of counties in south central England, in Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. That the beauty of the area is its rolling hills, medieval villages, churches and homes built of region specific yellow …

Travel: All About Off Season

I found a great airfare online early February and decided to book my flight – to leave a month later. I just couldn’t resist the price, and later when booking my hotels I found the same perfect deals. I was excited and couldn’t wait to pack and leave the US for a three-week journey to the UK mostly and a few days in Paris. I arrived on the 3rd to London and was cheaffeured to friend’s house in a town an hour and half away from the Heathrow. Although I was very tired from the eleven hour overly warmed aircraft for the comfort of only those that love a stuffy space to sleep, I looked forward to the conversation I had with my driver. Don’t get me wrong I am not a snob in any sense of the word, and a cheaffeured drive is a norm to get me to the said town, my friend would rather I leave unnamed. Friday was a rest day, because early morning on Saturday we would drive to Stratford-Upon-Avon our …

Lake Como – In Two Days

After my Rome-Florence-Venice portion of the perfect travel I think I have organized for my group is a stop in Como, Italy. We arrived mid-day on Saturday last, and checked into our hotel – only for a few minutes to freshen up and change into our walking shoes. We had to take the funicular up to the highest point in Como to see the spectacular views for only 5.50euro roundtrip. This can’t be missed no matter how long the lines. Dinner followed after that, along with a bottle of wine and the perfect conversations before we turned in. The next day we would spend on the lake, with an all-day pass to visit some of the small towns or villages perched along the heavenly lake. Since we were pressed for time I selected three stops. Menaggio, Varrena and Bellagio. I fell in love with Menagio and considered for the three hours I was there to live in the quant town. Varrena was a stop for lunch and a stroll through the cobblestone village and then a 15 …