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Travel: Past the High Season

Enjoy your eclipse sighting – if you happen to be the fortunate few who can actually see it.

Now, pas the eclipse sighting, I also realize most everyone is pre-occupied with back-to-school or sending their kids off to college or first days of pre-school. But the great part of this season, past the sentimental parents, is travel. This is the time I add the final touches to my usual September or October travels to Europe.

So, if you happen to be not so busy with anything else, you might enjoy these travel topics:

Taking a five week cycling pub crawl through Europe – where do I sign up

How to pack for a month long vacation

Stockholm has been on my list of travel destinations for a while now and here’s an interesting familiarization topic to read – where to find the best FIKA

if you can’t decide where to go – here’s a list of 50 most beautiful cities in the world

how to shop for goods in Italy – away from the tourist traps

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