Travel: Day 2 – Bath, Somerset, England

After my numerous heart attacks, and white knuckles and the urge to throw up at every roundabout craziness known to  (most of) the world as driving on the wrong side of the road, plus  in our case, through the winding countryside roads in rain and high wind getting to Bath from Stratford-Upon-Avon, we finally arrived at ten in the morning and parked our car in the paid parking lot – hoping to grab breakfast and then sightsee about the town.

My friend who lives in the ‘said town’ two hours from Stratford, was irritated to say the least, since this was the first time she drove outside of her comfort zone in rain and wind. Let it be known she is a temporary transplant from US to UK. Also note here that the last time I was in Bath was twenty years ago.

So you can imagine my surprise seeing a town transformed into a modern version of what I had seen several decades ago. The first change was the added  boutiques and shops along the cobble stoned streets encompassing the famous Roman Baths, which back then seemed so grand or monumental as a stand alone, now simply a hidden away building behind a complex entrance, with a fee of near 16 pounds, an attached souvenir shop and a restaurant. Gone are the days of authenticity.

Nevertheless, I circled the narrow street, window shopping mostly, and only walked into bakeries and coffee shops. Bath was lovely, and a place I think I need to spend a few days taking it all in. A day’s trip was just not enough for me. Here are some of my favorite snaps:


modern art galleries
And these doorways I could not get enough of photographing – Roman columns, duck egg colored or any other pastel door paint, and the checkers. A perfect add-on to the otherwise uniform exteriors
The best small cinema – hidden gem in the back streets
Inviting store front decor
Parisian flare almost throughout for such a Roman influenced town

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