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Lifestyle: Planning A Schedule To Keep Me Distracted

Someone very dear to my heart is moving away-to the UK, and with it comes many mixed emotions I rather not tap into here.

So, to help me  get over the separation anxiety, I have  decided to focus on the positives, and plans, and even organizing small getaways:


First up: My third novel which will be released April 16. I am so excited about it that I am giving away a few hardcopies, as well as epub versions in the next coming weeks. Details you can find by clicking on photo to be redirected.


Planning a much needed birthday weekend getaway down to Los Angeles, more precise to Santa Monica area


Considering a makeover – starting with the hairstyle and color. You can see more options by clicking on photo


And finally – a space makeover I will share with all of you

How do you cope with someone close to you moving away?

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