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Lifestyle: Planning A Schedule To Keep Me Distracted

Someone very dear to my heart is moving away-to the UK, and with it comes many mixed emotions I rather not tap into here. So, to help me  get over the separation anxiety, I have  decided to focus on the positives, and plans, and even organizing small getaways: How do you cope with someone close to you moving away?

why blog when you have a thousand things on your mind?

Just last night, while overwhelmed with all that I needed to do in the next month or so, I decided in order to stay sane, to make a list and cross out all the things that may be considered trivial. Blogging was on that list. So I put the list on the nightstand and fell asleep. When I woke up this morning and had the typical opportunity to ponder over everything, while commuting to work, I realized there was no way on earth I could give up blogging. No matter how challenging and how low on the priority list.  The reason for this insight is  the fact, most of the items  on my list were doing something for others and there were only two items which were for me, that I was willing to give up, just to  fit everything else into my hectic life . Blogging and pushing to publish  the novel I continuously revise. I decided not to give up on either of them because it wouldn’t be fair for me, not take care of …