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angelina’s Cafe

I must have driven by Angelina’s Cafe on California Street and 22nd (in the Richmond District in San Francisco) about a hundred times and said to myself, wow what a cute place, I have to go there sometimes.

Well, finally today, after years of contemplating and planning, I finally decided to eat breakfast there after my one hour walk. As I parked my car half a block from the corner where Angelina’s Cafe is situated, I got a great feeling in my stomach as I walked by the French bistro table and chairs lined along the outside of the cafe. When I entered through the door, I noticed the customers lined up along the deli counter, waiting to order their food. Some were holding on to their dog’s leashes. I instantly knew I would love this place since they allowed dogs to be in the store. (Just in case you are wondering, I feel dogs should be allowed everywhere)

I ordered a sesame bagel with eggs, cheddar cheese and bacon and was asked if I wanted it lightly toasted and although I don’t like toasted bread, I agreed to doing so in this case. I also ordered a cup of coffee, then noticed a cranberry/orange scone tray nicely displayed above the deli counter and ordered one as well, overlooking the guilty conscience about the calorie overload.

When they called out my order, I picked up my wicker tray of goodies and walked over to the French bistro style chair and table on the inside and sat so I could take in the ambiance while I ate.

My eyes wondered to every nook and cranny of the tiny deli and I was fascinated by the Italian flare with a bit of French twist decor of the place. Everything in the deli made sense and was organized esthetically so very pleasing to the eyes. I devoured my sandwich and gulped down the delicious coffee while I watched a gourmet cheese truck deliver a new batch of perfect cheeses to the deli and I smiled.

Soon thereafter, I bused my own table and left the place, while planning out my next visit a week from today. My recommendation when you visit Angelina’s Cafe , consider doing so on a weekday if you can, but if you must go on the weekends, be prepared to wait. The place is always packed and there is a bit of wait for entering the store to order your meal.

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