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incorporating the color sage in decor

In light of St. Patrick’s Day and the much anticipated Springtime coming our way anytime in the next few weeks, (depending on what part of the  world you are) I have decided to pay homage to the color “sage” in decor. Now, this is one color, I truly love and will only consider incorporating throughout my home in a subtle fashion. Such as a vase or flower pots here and there, a unique serving dish, candles and I think that is about it. Even though that is the case, I couldn’t help raising an eyebrow at some of the interesting decorating suggestions in the photos below (My favorite is the bedroom). Anyway, I figured I better share them with my readers. Enjoy and Happy St. Patty’s Day to you all.

boutique hotel pick – hotel balzac – paris, france

Need I say more. I mean I can spend the entire year picking hotels throughout Paris and all of France to recommend on this blog and believe me I am having a heck of a time controlling myself. But, once in a while I will let one slip by. Here is another one of my favorite places to stay while in Paris, Hotel Balzac which is located just off the Champs-Elysses and close to the Arc de Triomphe. The reason I love this property, besides it’s romantic ambiance, is the fact some of the rooms have skyline views of the Eiffel Tower (You must request this and it’s also based on availability).  This is the hotel I can honestly spend weeks in, while writing my novel. Anyway, I will stop writing and let the photos do the walking. Have a great weekend everyone!

eiffel tower in home decor

Oh what I would give to have a place with a view of the real Eiffel Tower (above photo) but since I haven’t figured out a way to do just that, I decided to include photos of  decorating ideas which may just help.  Let me know what you think?

fashion: my favorite spring 2011 handbags

One of my weaknesses is handbags, the other are shoes but handbags I tend to shop for every chance I get more so than shoes or maybe equal, can’t keep up anymore. That doesn’t mean I own a hundred of them, I just like shopping for them. But this year, it seems the bags are even more “dreamer” (for lack of a better word) than the years past.  Or maybe the color red is enticing me, again I can’t keep up. Can you sense the excitement in my tone? Anyway, I have included below my top ten picks for Spring/Summer 2011 (believe me there are more but I had to stop somewhere). Let me know what you think?

decor – all things powder blue

I wish there was a way we could redecorate our homes with every season because I just can’t seem to get enough of the variations in decorating styles for a home makeover. One choice of color I have always loved and consider the most peaceful is the color powder blue, however incorporating the color throughout an entire house is a bit much in my opinion. For me it would probably be a bedroom or a bathroom and maybe the kitchen in the photograph below. Wow. Anyway, check out the pictures below and let me know what you think or if you have considered the color powder blue in your decor, how did it turn out?

new years eve decoration suggestions

A few things  to remember while hosting  a New Years Eve party are of course,  champagne,  party favors, an array of (silver and gold) decorations, at least for my taste (you can choose your own color theme as you wish)  around the living room and several funky clocks strategically  placed  at the buffet table and fireplace mantle alarmed and ready to go off at midnight. In light of the New Years Eve decoration suggestions, I have included some photos to share. Have fun planning!!!  

christmas gift idea for her – romantic getaway

I can honestly say, by the time a woman reaches  her 40s, it becomes  less and less  important to get a gift for her kitchen as it is to get a gift for herself. Sometimes, some women  are even willing to forgo a pair of diamond earrings for a week’s  getaway from their daily lives. So, just in case you have exhausted all your “gift idea” resources, consider surprising her with a romantic getaway (within your budget) to most anywhere in the world. As you know or may not, off-season travel (depending on destination) is  more likely affordable than during the high season . However, planning a vacation “gift” within a budget is often times  very challenging.  Calling a travel agent to arrange such a trip is priceless. 🙂 The reason I suggest working with a travel agent to plan a “gift” vacation is so that you can actually put the plan on hold with a small deposit, while you surprise your significant other with a gift certificate and deal with the reaction. Should she …

holiday 2010 gift ideas for her – designer scarf

Part of making an impression  while giving a woman a holiday gift is the box it comes in. Although gifts from some department stores are expected and pretty predictable from a woman’s point of view, there is nothing like catching her off guard with a box  from a store she would never consider shopping at, much less buy from, especially for herself. One sure way to show the care taken in selecting  a well thought out gift,  (outside of jewelry)  is giving her a designer scarf. Most women tend to buy the most practical and durable  scarf for themselves while they run about town handling business.,  but they will surely appreciate a more glamorous one while on a date night or a  special occasion. So, gentlemen and ladies alike, consider some suggestions I have included below when shopping for a scarf and remember, where you purchase the designer scarf is as important as choosing just  the right one.

montreal canada restaurants and cafes

Although, (my favorite cuisine), middle eastern and Armenian restaurants and delis are top-notch throughout suburbia Montreal, and most definitely beat the quality served in the greater Los Angeles area, I am always in search of the best of the best international cuisines most anywhere I travel. Of course, searching for international restaurants throughout the city of Montreal is not difficult at all. Every corner and street has multiple cuisines to choose from.  This brings up another reason to visit Montreal. If you consider yourself a  gastronome guru, then the choices are endless while in Montreal. Here are some of my favorites and most recommended, outside the middle eastern and Armenian cuisine.