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christmas gift idea for her – romantic getaway

I can honestly say, by the time a woman reaches  her 40s, it becomes  less and less  important to get a gift for her kitchen as it is to get a gift for herself. Sometimes, some women  are even willing to forgo a pair of diamond earrings for a week’s  getaway from their daily lives.

So, just in case you have exhausted all your “gift idea” resources, consider surprising her with a romantic getaway (within your budget) to most anywhere in the world.

As you know or may not, off-season travel (depending on destination) is  more likely affordable than during the high season . However, planning a vacation “gift” within a budget is often times  very challenging.  Calling a travel agent to arrange such a trip is priceless. 🙂

The reason I suggest working with a travel agent to plan a “gift” vacation is so that you can actually put the plan on hold with a small deposit, while you surprise your significant other with a gift certificate and deal with the reaction. Should she not be happy with the destination , at least there is some $$$ recourse. If she loves the idea and approves the suggested dates of travel, then you simply proceed with full payment.

Now, planning the right destination is  very important. Going to Las Vegas to gamble and frequent nudy bars may not necessarily be her idea of vacation, unless she is into that sort of thing. The point is that you need to plan the vacation with her in mind. The destination should be romantic, the hotel ideal and at least one night of special dining a must. The focus should be her and only her in order for the gift to be worth while.

Another benefit of giving the “gift of travel” for Christmas is that you can actually suggest to take the trip around Valentine’s Day, her birthday or even an  anniversary celebration – all to off-season romantic destinations. That way it is even more meaningful.

Now, what is the best travel agency to work with. Well, if you don’t happen to have one you can count on, consider contacting my favorite travel agency here and ask to be transferred to the office capable of putting your special trip together. For example for the U.S. I have indicated below the offices which handle specific travel planning.

All Offices – Specialize in (soft) Adventure Travel, Budget vacations, airfare and European Rail travel.

San Diego office – Specializes in Cruises and Romantic getaways

Myself: I can help with Romantic getaways, so please feel free to contact me if you wish to brain storm about suggestions based on your budget.

Happy Planning 🙂

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  1. Carla says

    I can’t think of a better gift than travel! It’s something that lasts forever. 🙂

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