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Boutique Hotel Pick – Chateau Des Alpilles – St Remy De Provence, France

I don’t think I need to say more than the fact, I want to disappear right here for a month or two, writing my next novel…

boutique hotel pick – shutters on the beach – santa monica, california

I just realized, I share with all of you boutique hotel picks everywhere but my home state  – California. Well, in light of the fact I will be down in Los Angeles very shortly, to spend an entire week of promoting my books and research for my next book :), I decided to include one of my favorite spots to stay while in the Santa Monica area. In fact, you might just run into to me if you are in Los Angeles – details to follow shortly. In the meantime, Shutters is a uniquely fun property to stay. A place some may consider overpriced, but it is definitely worth every penny.  There are also some amazing deals on every travel site possible for the property, and also some on the hotel’s own website here, so consider the hotel for sure – especially for a romantic weekend getaway and who knows, you may very well run into some celebrity while you are there.  I also love the fact 3rd street is walking distance as well as the …

boutique hotel pick – casadiva resort and spa – lake como, italy

A unique hotel is always fun in my opinion, with old world decor and charm, a wonderful escape from the modern amenities of today. Casadiva is a really amazing property – perched along the edge of lake Como, accessible by local bus, car and water taxi. A great location to escape to when looking for peace and quiet and amazing views of mountains and lake. Of course hoping to get a glimpse of George Clooney somehow somewhere is also a plus. The other bit of news about this property, it’s mentioned in my novel – Piazza Navona – a significant part of the story takes place there and one I have no doubt you would appreciate.

day 7 – french riviera in a nutshell

I always make a pit stop in the French Riviera, particularly Cannes and spend about 3 nights at the least in a part of the world I would like to retire to someday. Usually or in the past, the weather had cooperated in early September, my annual visit to the region and I normally left for Paris on the TGV with a wonderful tan. Not so much this year. Although sunny, it’s been unusually cold and windy or perhaps usual from the locals point of view. I just have never experienced it. What I also found interesting is that this is actually the first time, there was only a handful of people at the beach. I know it was because of the weather, but still, it all seemed unreal. I did my touring, shopping, sunbathing a little, wonderful dining and a stroll along the promenade – even though I was freezing my buns off – it mattered not – I was in the French Riviera for only three days.

day 6 – a day in camogli, italy

Genoa is a good base if you want to explore the Italian Riviera. (In my opinion anyway). So, I included the destination on this year’s trip to Europe to do just that. After a stormy day in Lake Como, (a day trip from Genoa) we loaded up on esspresso and pastries and got on an intercity train for a half hour journey to Camogli from Genoa. A fishing village I haven’t been to for over 15 years. The easy going small town, adorned with charming pastel colored buildings, put me at ease right away and I had a difficult time leaving the place to catch the last train back to Genoa for the night. I can see myself spending at least a week, if not more there, simply existing, eating focaccia, plenty of fresh seafood and rum balls, in between napping and oh yeah simply existing. 🙂

boutique hotel pick – casa angelia – amalfi coast, italy

Now that vacation planning is in full swing and perhaps even late in getting some great deals, I decided it’s time to talk boutique hotel picks. Every year, I imagine a romantic getaway and although I stick to Paris as my safe haven, I can’t help but think of exotic coastal retreats to spend a romantic week. One place, which I’ve frequented quite often in my lifetime is the Amalfi Coast and with it, I have fallen in love with many properties to spend six nights/seven days. For that thought and of course a romantic destination recommend, I suggest Casa Angelia.

italy vacation hot spot – lake como

I love to travel and could probably do so, ten or so months out of the year. But what I love the most about travel is discovering new places or frequenting ones which have left an unforgetable impression. One place in particular which I could actually travel too as much as George Clooney does, is Lake Como. I have grown to appreciate the region not only for it’s beauty, but also for it’s peacefulness and tranquility. Lake Como is an ideal place to hide from the world while trying to get the much needed rest and relaxation from everyday life.  There is no pressure to play tourist and the most stress I experienced was having to leave the place. There are many ways to get to Lake Como which are detailed here, and many things to see which are also detailed here. Just remember to bring a good pair of walking shoes, a camera and the desire to experience one of the most memorable and romantic vacation spots in your lifetime.

how to avoid over exposure from the sun while vacationing in the french riviera

We humans are conditioned to be careful as to how much time we spend in the sun on a daily basis. Now although the sun is good for us, in small doses, it is also damaging in more ways than one.  I happen to worship the sun and while vacationing in the French Riviera,  I must say, I have a difficult time staying indoors. So to avoid over exposure, while still enjoying the sunshine, I normally spend the middle of the day (when the UV Rays  are the most damaging) walking through the backroads of the towns aligning the coast. Typically the backroads are (mostly) in the shade because of the narrow alleyway-like streets and the closeness of the buildings facing each other on either side of those “street”. This combination, not only makes for the best hideaway from the sun,  but also gives me a chance to cool down naturally while enjoying the scenery. 🙂  Oh silly me. Here are some of my favorite (touched up) photos of our treks through the backroads of the …

escape from the fog – a summer in san francisco

Well officially, perhaps a day earlier than some calendars indicate, we have entered the Summer season. I know this because yesterday it was freezing, foggy and drizzly in the city and today it isn’t any better.  So while I bring out my sweaters, coat and umbrella to the front of my closet for use throughout this season, I cannot help but think of anywhere that I could lay on the beach and soak up the sun. {click on the photo to get travel information to any of the destinations below}