italy vacation hot spot – lake como

I love to travel and could probably do so, ten or so months out of the year. But what I love the most about travel is discovering new places or frequenting ones which have left an unforgetable impression.

One place in particular which I could actually travel too as much as George Clooney does, is Lake Como. I have grown to appreciate the region not only for it’s beauty, but also for it’s peacefulness and tranquility.

Lake Como is an ideal place to hide from the world while trying to get the much needed rest and relaxation from everyday life.  There is no pressure to play tourist and the most stress I experienced was having to leave the place.

There are many ways to get to Lake Como which are detailed here, and many things to see which are also detailed here. Just remember to bring a good pair of walking shoes, a camera and the desire to experience one of the most memorable and romantic vacation spots in your lifetime.

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