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Travel: Paris 101

Last week someone emailed me asking  about Paris, since this is their first time planning a trip to my beloved city, and outside of spending an hour or two giving them suggestions on best hotels, restaurants, and walking tours and such, I also sent them these interesting articles:

Boutique Hotel Pick – Soho House – New York, Istanbul, Chicago

I sort of slowed down with my hotel picks over the holidays but I’m starting to get the itch to travel again – as I said many times before, if I could do it full time, I would without a second thought. But for now, traveling is spread across the year. But believe me the dreaming hasn’t stopped, where one day I can simply travel. Here’s a hotel pick – Soho House – New York, Istanbul, and Chicago, perfect decor, elegance, and charm are what come to mind for these home away from home hotels. And the history behind each building is something wonderful to read as well.  

Travel: All Things Paris

I’ve been to Paris nearly every single month of the year – except December and January and in 2018 I am adding to my bucket list to experience my favorite place on earth at least the month of December – right before and during all the holiday festivities. In the meantime, here’s what I have learned recently…

Boutique Hotel Pick – Belmond Hotel Splendido – Portofino, Italy

A decade ago my hubs and I embarked on a trip to Italy. One town in particular was to Genoa in hopes of finding Portofino. Instead we stumbled upon Rapallo and all other small beach towns in the area. Which wasn’t a bad thing, but I was sad that I didn’t see this beautiful waterfront setting I had first set my eyes on when I received a stack of travel brochures at the travel agency to promote. So, I vowed while at the airport waiting for my flight back to San Francisco, that I would return to Italy and find Portofino. Years later, When we decided to revisit Italy, I decided to do deep research and discovered that besides the train to Rapallo, we needed to take a bus to actually reach Portofino,  and so we did and found the gem of a place to this day I still can’t get enough of. And in honor of portofino and our wonderful walks about the small town and the best focaccia  ever, here’s a boutique hotel …

Travel: Picturesque Small Towns In Italy

My mother gives me a look every time I tell her I am going to Italy. She thinks I’ve explored the country way too much, not realizing that there is more, much more to this wonderful destination. And to prove it, I have listed some of the smaller towns I plan to explore the second I have enough guts to drive a car there:

This Morning’s Focus…Italy

The city (San Francisco) is not the place to be in the summer months if you are a sun worshiper, and the fact the fog is holding steady at bay, and the weather is unpleasantly windy and cold – all of it is enough for me to shift my visual focus – to simply Italy: {Click on photos for destination information}

Travel: Paris – That’s All

The song Paris by the Chainsmokers is on repeat in my head today, and I think it’s because I’m itching to go again.  I mean I did in March, but it was only for 3 days – as you know that’s not enough. Even for someone like me who’s been there at least a week each year for as long as I can remember. So, if you are like me – craving a week or two or three in Paris – then you might very well appreciate:  Which Paris Neighborhood fits your personality best – test 2. Discover Paris from Instagram 3. Best Patisseries in Paris – List 4. Bastille Day in Paris – I was fortunate enough to experience once and your ultimate guide 5. Nothing screams romance better than an evening at the open air cinema in Paris

Travel: A List of Island Destinations To Add To My List

When it comes to travel my bucket list seems to be growing – every time I come across one of these articles: One of 74 islands in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, the Whitsundays are without a doubt one of the most beautiful of them all, if not in the world. This Italian slice of island heaven has everything going for it; surrounded by clear blue waters, a stunning cliff coastline, and white-sand beaches, Ponza has been the nation’s well-kept secret for far too long. If you’re looking for breathtaking beaches and setting foot on gorgeous white sand, then Fernando de Noronha in the South Atlantic Ocean is your next holiday destination. If you really want to spoil yourself, then head straight to the middle of the Caribbean to Saint Barthélemy. This archipelagic province of the Philippines boasts turquoise waters, hidden coves and coastal hideaways, limestone caverns to be explored, and a five-mile-long underground river. Take in the natural splendor of this island nation in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of …

Travel: The Best Eats In Paris

Best is an opinion, because some of the best of foods I’ve had in Paris are not even on these lists. But then again, you may disagree or agree. Either way check these out, and then email me so we can plan a trip to Paris 1. Best Creperies in Paris 2. Absolute best burgers in Paris – although not sure why I’d aim to eat burgers in Paris – but you know, every single time I am there, I actually do eat a burger or two – counts for two meals in my opinion and helps me walk for miles and miles 🙂 3. Then there is a list of top 10 must eats in Paris – and I have to wholeheartedly agree – on everything on this list. 4. 12 Most beautiful bars in Paris – I can envision wonderful rondevous there in the near future – for me