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Fashion: Budget Friendly Alternative For the Trendy Shopper

We all do it – see a style sense online and feel the need to duplicate – or draw from to create our own look. For this very reason, I figured it would be fun to price the original piece and a budget-friendly alternative: For the Meghan look: Original ensemble details and a budget-friendly alternative  Skirt, Top, Shoes The camel blazer I’ve been searching for – Original pictured and top right $595.00 and replica bottom right $37.00 Herringbone Blazer I wish I never donated over a decade ago – but here’s the original (left) $3150.00 and a budget-friendly alternative $159.00 Shoes in Loafers – my favorite wear in suede can be bought here (left) $128.00 and here for a budget-friendly alternative (right) $69.00 – either way is a win win Quilted jackets in a variety of color: Original (left) $590.00 and budget-friendly option (right) $99.50   Featured image source from here – see my new arrivals pick 

Fashion: Coats and Jackets

Since we don’t really have a proper summer in San Francisco, it is very easy for the locals to shop for coats over the season and even wear them in the middle of October. Just this morning, two women were bundled up with gloves on and hoods tightly framing their faces. I get it, but I try to fight the urge to cloak myself just as well. So for the urge to wear a coat or simply shop for one – I have to say these are currently on my radar:  

Fashion: Fall 2018 Trends

Had I paid attention to the fact, fashion is a recycle of trends, I would have stored all of my clothes from the 90’s until it was back in style. But instead, I was too glad to get rid of it all – hating the style back then.  Well now, some of those pieces are back and strangely enough, have been added to my wish list for when we experience the San Francisco version of Fall, also known as Indian Summer.   {photo source}

Fashion: Coats and Jackets Fall-Winter 2017

This morning I walked out of the house, dressed for the 70 degree temps expected today, but found myself shivering at the train stop in the early morning chill. Then the train ride was freezing as well, not sure if the driver got the memo about the chilliness outside, but she kept the train at a very cooold 20 degrees it felt like. So, coats came to mind, and the idea of shifting my clothes in my closet to bring forward the sweaters, and boots and so on.  With that said, here’s my favorite coat and Jacket picks for this season:

Fashion: Fall 2017 Topshop Picks

While in London in March, on my way to the theater to see a show – if you must know – An American In Paris on stage. Which was amazing by the way. I stumbled upon an actual brick and mortar of the boutique store – Topshop. Which for us in the states is only available to buy online. Well, let me clarify – until I noticed a few pieces on display at Nordstrom a couple of months ago. Anyway, the great thing about seeing merchandise in a store in person is that you can actually feel the fabric, and get a good look at stitching and make of the product. Even the colors are more realistic in a store. But I get it, in today’s world most things are purchased online. So, either way, online or some of the items appreciated in Nordstrom, here’s my list of picks: