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Fashion: Gloria Coelho – Autumn Winter 2017

At first glance all I could think is – a twist on medieval times. For the rest of the fashion please go here:

Fashion: Ines Di Santo Wedding Gowns – Fall 2017

I know it’s only January, but the wedding season is in full bloom – with blushing brides already busy planning their dream weddings. Which by the way, if you haven’t got the dress for a summer wedding, you are too late (goes the saying). If, however, you are planning your nuptials for Fall, here are some unique suggestions to consider. For the rest please go here:  

Fashion: Fall Casual Picks

Yes we are officially in fall – at least based on the calendar here in San Francisco, where we are FINALLY experiencing some HOT weather – our Indian Summer has arrived FINALLY.  Sorry if the caps are irritating, but I am excited to be wearing summer clothes in the fall, like we usually do here. But, over the weekend, I walked through an outdoor mall, and although it was too hot to try on anything warm and fuzzy, I fell for: This sweater in the three colors from Madewell This dress from Anthropologie Plaid Jacquard dress from my favorite Kate Spade Shoes in abundance from Nordstrom – and I mean that – I can buy a pair of everything in sight if I had the wallet of the Kardashians. In the meantime here’s my favorite   Happy Monday!!! And if you happen to be in San Francisco – please drink lots of water – 🙂

Fashion: Fall Wardrobe Planning Stages

After the renovation project of my space in San Francisco, I turned to my closet to get ready for the fall-winter season. Naturally I made several piles to donate, or toss what I no longer plan to wear. I do have a difficult time of letting of a few pieces as they tend to rotate back in style. But at this point in my life, I realize life is too short to hold on to every single thing, and that change is sometimes necessary to feel polished if you know what I mean.  So here we go for the San Francisco fall workwear I clicked and purchase from here:  

Fashion: My Fashion Sense

Living in San Francisco and working for a techy company, you can pretty much go to work wearing jeans and a T-shirt everyday and no one cares. Which is a refreshing option from the suit and stocking days when I worked for a financial institution. I’ve been asked why I don’t model my fashion here on RawSilk&Saffron, and I have to say it’s mostly because I am completely camera-shy – so I figured I should show you what my fashion sense is in other ways: {photo source here and here}

Fashion: Marchesa Fall 2016

This is Oscar week of course, when all of Hollywood spends the next few days, if not attending some pre-function,  inside of a salon, a spa, nip-tuck center, and even at their therapist getting ready (their mind set) for the EVENT of the HollyWORLD. So, I figured since Marchesa is often the gown of choice on the red carpet, to include the designer’s Fall 2016 fashion for our viewing pleasure.