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Skillet Chicken Enchiladas

We dined in a fusion Mexican restaurant yesterday, where I ordered a skillet beef, and chorizo dish. The idea of melted cheese, beans in a skillet with a side of tortillas made me feel warm and fuzzy even in the 93degree temperature outside. So, I rushed back home and searched online for a recipe I could copy for the next time around. I found this wonderful recipe and although the tortillas are mixed into the dish, I prefer to leave them on the side,  using the chips to scoop out the perfectly flavored goop. (I mean that lovingly).   The crunchy chips give the meal the perfect consistency if you ask me. But either way, here is the recipe just in case you want to experiment at home, and the link to the restaurant just in you want to make a pit stop on your way to Tahoe.      

Online Finds For the Always Curious

I laughed when I came up with today’s post title since I’m always accused of being too curious In my opinion, one is never too curious if they want to feel alive. Anyway, while doing research for my next novel, I came across a few perhaps trivial topics and figured I’d share it with all of you. Just in case you are stuck indoors due to the weather.

Food: Lavender, Blackberries, and White Chocolate In Scones

The first time I tasted lavender was near Aix Provence, France. There was a shortbread cookies infused with slivers of lavender. At first I didn’t really like it, but after a few days of eating a cookie or two a day with a great cup of coffee, I grew accustomed to the taste. The next experience with Lavender was – at Zero Zero Restaurant in San Francisco, where they have this amazing dessert bar that you can pick and make your own ice cream sundae and more. I chose the lavender ice cream special they were having that day. And since then, I indulge in what I considered to be something that is an acquired taste. Not everyone is fond of lavender in cooking. Anyway,  here we are now and I have to say, I am yet again intrigued by this recipe, and will surely make it for the Sunday morning breakfast with the hubs – yes – in the middle of my renovation, I do plan to bake 🙂 – minus the white chocolate …

Been Away Much Too Long

I took a week away from everything to regroup. Well, actually to watch my good friend’s dogs while she went on vacation. I decided while placed out in the country, to take a break from all things writing, and online whatever we do day in and day out to pass the time. Before she left on her trip, she told me how badly she wanted to revamp her office space, and so I took it upon myself to give her the surprise of doing just that. The remainder of the time, I played with her beautiful doggies, made-from-scratch dinners, organized her book collection in alphabetical order, experienced Game of Thrones withdrawals, and simply vegged out, avoiding, as I stated earlier, everything online. You know what? Although it felt great to be away from it all,  living a much simpler life for a few days, I missed my blog and my writings so much that here I am  sharing with you some ideas for the 1) 4th of July celebrations,. 2)what is the one thing I …

Lifestyle: You Know What I Miss The Most?

A proper gathering of family and friends, outside of the holidays…that’s what I miss the most. Life has certainly taken a toll on most of my friends and family who seldom get-together at someone’s home for dinner, or cocktails and appetizers and a good old classic film or a board game. No two individuals I know can spare the time to make the time…if you know what I mean. Maybe, it’s an age thing. The older we get the less we make the effort…or we figure Facebook will just have to do…to stay in touch. I would love to  mail, the old-fashioned way, an invite to my family and friends and invite them over for a proper dinner and some good old conversation, and this is how I see it going down: Indoor/Outdoor Set Up:  *inspiration from here and here Pre-Dinner Wine and Cheese Pairing & Catching Up: Salad Exotic for Appetizer:   Main Dish – Coq au Vin & Perfectly seasoned asparagus  Dessert Cake – You had Me with Coconuts and Fresh Fruits: 

Food: Cake and More Cake

I try to stay away from desserts and all things that may pack on the pounds. But once in a while I crave a slice of lemon cake, or carrot or even a unique flavored one and I simply go to my favorite bakery or grocers and just buy a slice to indulge. It’s worked wonders for me thus far since I don’t over indulge.  But Easter is nearly here, and the idea of Springtime get-together’s is just around the corner – for me and my friends to bring along something homemade to share over tea or coffee and conversations. Here’s a site I love, providing perfect variations for the cake or dessert lover, and those needing to bring a baked good to some happy gathering:

Did You Know? I Love Saying That

Did you know there is a way to tell if eggs are old or not? Well did you know honey never goes bad, and if crystallizes you can microwave it for a few and enjoy the sweet guey mess? How can you make a boxed soup taste less salty? Have you considered making iced cubes from coffee? Did you know that if you check out the article here, you can actually learn the tricks of the kitchen trait?