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Lifestyle: You Know What I Miss The Most?

A proper gathering of family and friends, outside of the holidays…that’s what I miss the most.

Life has certainly taken a toll on most of my friends and family who seldom get-together at someone’s home for dinner, or cocktails and appetizers and a good old classic film or a board game. No two individuals I know can spare the time to make the time…if you know what I mean.

Maybe, it’s an age thing. The older we get the less we make the effort…or we figure Facebook will just have to do…to stay in touch.

I would love to  mail, the old-fashioned way, an invite to my family and friends and invite them over for a proper dinner and some good old conversation, and this is how I see it going down:

Indoor/Outdoor Set Up: 

*inspiration from here and here

Pre-Dinner Wine and Cheese Pairing & Catching Up:


Click here for recipe

Salad Exotic for Appetizer:


Click here for recipe


Main Dish – Coq au Vin & Perfectly seasoned asparagus


click here for recipe


click here for recipe

 Dessert Cake – You had Me with Coconuts and Fresh Fruits: 


Click here for recipe

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