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Sunday Hello

I decided before I dive into work this morning, that I’d play catch up here with all of you.

Hello, how are you doing? Hope well enough considering this year and all of its very heightened, or highlighted challenges.

But we are in middle of October, even though it feels as though we have no idea how we got here. But we did.

There’s lots to talk about. There is exciting news about travel – in that some parts of the world are starting to open up – one in particular that grabbed my attention was Machu Picchu and the misinformation surrounding its closure during early COVID and now.

The other misinformation naturally swirls around our country’s upcoming election and the bullying and manipulating from ALL parties on either side of the playground.

Now although this sort of dirty play has been done decades before, none has stood out as much as this year’s election. That is because the masses are on lockdown, and have nowhere to go but their televisions sets to endure the worst the media has chosen to cover.

I do wonder, what worries you the most? COVID or the mindset of your local politician and government?

On a happier note, are you looking forward to the holidays?

If you are curious about my own updates. Still caring for mum- as you know- once an elderly person falls and breaks bones, its difficult to return to any normalcy. So, I do what I can with my new lifestyle and try my best to stay on the optimistic side of the spectrum mostly for my mother. On the inside, I am brimmed with worry, about her, about my aging dog and the worst decision any pet owner needs to make when the time is sooner than later.

I worry about society being swayed in the worst of ways about our very existence on this planet, the rights of those insignificant to others, the believes we should adapt, the double-blinded decisions we should make, and the false promises we must believe.

Until next time…here’s a glimpse into Peru with these amazing virtual tours.

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