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Weeks Worth of Thoughts

I’ve been away as I mentioned a week or so back, because I’ve had to readjust my days in caring for my mother, who fell and broke her arm, then a few days later, fell again and broke or fractured another part of her arm.

Mind you I am not stating my personal life here, for any sort of empathy, I am simply stating the fact, that is what has kept me away from all things I love, writing, photography, walking and even watching films.

But, this morning, while my mother finally figured out a way to sleep peacefully, I decided to sit here, next to her of course, and catch up with all of you, who by the way keep my grounded.

So here we go…

My first thought is – what a twisted world we live in. And more specifically what a sad state America has turned into. I have never imagined the level of cruelty among mankind could escalate to such vileness. Especially in these trying times, where unity and dignity is the only way to beat the pandemic that has reshaped the world we once knew.

My next thought – that’s all I am going to say about the current mood and get on with doing my part to stay positive, and upbeat and push forward.

The best part of the worst two weeks of my life, was that I got to work on my mother’s emotional, physical and mental state and help this amazing woman, who once was a strong independent individual, learn to take care of herself now in the most vulnerable state of her life.

I became her sounding board, her crutch, her chef, her friend, her comedian, the maestro who insisted she listen to therapeutic music, afternoon snacks, and calming tea before bed, all the while preaching positive thinking. Naturally not letting her watch the news was top priority.

So, this is my update, and I will do my best to stay connected, as often as I can…

In the meanwhile, happy Fall – my favorite time of the year.

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