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Food: Dinner Tonight – Chicken Orzo-ish soup

You better believe we are having soup on this very cold summer day in San Francisco.

Actually my mother asked for soup and toasty pita bread – and since she is the queen of my heart – she gets what she wants.

So I trekked to Safeway, and picked up some of the missing ingredients needed for these two recipe (here and here) ideas I plan to combine or make with my version of Chicken orzo-ish soup:

The reason for my undecisivness is the ingredients which my mother doesn’t approve of in either soup and my need to challenge myself in creating her dream soup.

Soup one – we, by that I mean MOM does not like Kale
Soup two – we do not like parsnip

So we are going to get creative

Which soup do you fancy? And do you have an absolute-not ingredient?

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