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Decor: Living Room Statement

During lockdown, like most of you, I’ve spent some of my time contemplating Springish(now) cleaning and sprucing up the house, in this case where my mother lives. So we talk, once a a day about my vision and she simply stares at me. I can tell she isn’t too thrilled about the idea of brightening her beautiful living and dining room first and then we’ll talk about tackling other parts of the house.

So she said, show me what you are talking about and of course, here’s what’s happening this beautiful Monday in the city after experiencing some unbearably high winds over the weekend, which had the Golden Gate bridge howling – so eerie if you ask me. (Take a listen here)

But before you go  – check out some of my favorite ideas I want to throw around and 54 more from here  in case you are also in the mood to create a new living room space or just go outside and enjoy the weather  – it’s summer and some of the restrictions are being lifted around the world as we speak.


This I will throw in just to see her jaw drop at the idea of it all

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