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Easing Into Monday Morning

Hope everyone had a sweet Mother’s Day.  I spent the day with my mother, like normal since early March. But it was nice. I made crepes, which she totally appreciated it. Then did some ‘office work’ for her bills and paperwork, helping her yet again, relearn banking and her favorite quicken to maintain her finances, she says, which always gets me laughing.  Then we prepped a roast to be pressure cooked-yummy-for dinner, and I baked her a cake. So all in all it was grand, minus a few disagreements naturally.

The weather wasn’t the best to do more – like my normal walks across San Francisco or enjoying a homemade sandwich in a park.  So I stayed in Saturday and did much editing.

This week will be a busy one for me – so I figured I’d ease into Monday with some cool articles of interest:

I’m kinda loving this modern dream home for a large family – take a tour here and see for yourself

Would love to get an invite to this house in Puglia, Italy – for the summer – to be parked right here for long coversations over bottles of wine

This home-office would suit me just fine – from the looks of it – in Paris 🙂

Do you swoon over kitchens in films? I do, always for the impeccable vision of the filmmaker. So if you have the same interest, see all the great kitchens from Nancy Meyer’s sets

The world is blooming right now – and how to get a glimpse of it all here

How do you ease into a Monday?

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