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Food: How to Substitude Ingredients and This Recipe

I have to admit, I switch up ingredients all the time while preparing a meal. For example – I am allergic to soy, so I use Worcestershire sauce instead. I hate the taste of fish, so I never add fish sauce to any Asian dish. So I was glad to find a list of alternatives here, for ingredients.

Best shortening substitute for baking

How to Substitute Fish Sauce

Substitute for evaporated milk

Soy Sauce substitute

How to Molasses Substitute

Best Thyme substitute – but only if you run out – ALWAYS have thyme in your kitchen cupboard

Substitute that cake flour

What have you substituted, and share your experience or other recommendations

Here’s a recipe for dinner tonight for the family – spicy eggplant pasta 


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  1. Anonymous says

    Great ideas for ingredient substitutes. By the way, I love your new webpage format. Very clean and professional yet fun and engaging! Way to go!

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