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Food: How To Use Crushed Tomatoes

Over the weekend, we had breakfast at one of my favorite cafe on Fillmore street in San Francisco. The place is so great, there is always a line and sometimes even a long wait to be served – meaning you stand in line, order your food, pay and then grab a seat and wait, and wait but it’s okay – because the hustle of the bustle of the small restaurant makes it all worth while.

I veered from my usual and ordered baked eggs, because I saw someone having the dish and asked her what it was and then ordered it. Which I decided to duplicate at home – since just by looking at the ingredients I was sure it would taste equally amazing at home.

Ingredients – two eggs, black beans, crushed tomatoes from a can, and cheddar cheese. four tablespoons of black beans, two tablespoons of crushed tomatoes, mixed together,  break two eggs over them and bake in oven /which I nuked in the microwave for 3 minutes – and stirred for the egg to cook on all sides – then add shredded cheddar, and bake at 375 for ten minutes. And there you have it.

So long story short, I normally do not like the taste of canned crushed or stewed tomatoes, I prefer stewing them on the spot. But if you are fan or are pressed for time and canned tomatoes is your go-to, here’s 43 recipes to consider and some of my picks.

skillet ravioli lasagna

beans on toast – quick meal and please don’t forget a glass of red wine 😉

Butter Chicken Curry

eggplant Parmesan

Pasta Fagioli – my favorite meal when travelling through Italy

{featured image source and recipe}

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