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Boutique Hotel Picks – Chalet Hotels – Europe

We haven’t really experienced winter in the bay area – in that, the sun with warm temperatures have been steady since the middle of January. I know you think that is awesome, but I don’t. Because once again we are going to experience drought related issues – mostly the awful California fires.

So, naturally I look to most places with a bit of snow or signs of anything winter, after all it is winter until the middle of March and spending a week in a chalet is something that’s bin on my bucket list since my trip to Colorado ten years ago.

Yes, we have Tahoe, but I am talking about the cozy experience of a chalet somewhere in Europe

Bechmair Weissach Spa and Resort – Rottach Egern Germany

Hotel and Spa Rosa Alpina – Alta Badia Italy

Les Airelles Courchevel – France

Severins The Alpine Retreat Lech Austria

Ultima Gstaad Switzerland


Les Fermes de Maria Megeve France

Have you stayed in a chalet? And where – Do you recommend the destination?

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