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Saturday Edition – Home Decor and Alarm Clocks

Normally on Saturdays I don’t post much about anything because I feel this is the day we need to take a break from all things internet. But I got a burst of energy this morning and felt that I needed to share a few things that’s in the back of my  mind or yours about home decor/revamp/refresh for the upcoming holidays, or realize like me you need a new nightstand clock – even though yes, we can use our smart phones, I prefer some things to remain traditional. Then there is the idea of buying luggage, for that off-season travel you might be planning like me or even trying out a new dish or bake something with apples – after all it is the season for baking. So, for all those things in common we may be having today, here’s what I have to share:

Best suggestions for a quick and easy room refresh for those visiting relatives, or holiday parties all planned in your home this year.

I do need a new nightstand alarm clock – and this one is the perfect combo of classic and modern I wish to incorporate into my home decor. But if you are more modern and less traditional, then click here for the rest of the list

Breakfast nooks are the best gathering place for the family, or friends spending an afternoon at your place gossiping over a great bottle of wine and eats. Do you have a breakfast nook in need of some sprucing up?

What luggage should you consider investing in for your travel needs?

Apple is in season, now go bake something 🙂

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