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We Might Enjoy The Same Things…

Since the 4th of July holiday in the U.S. – this is by far the longest weekend since Thanksgiving. Meaning some companies in the U.S. were generous enough to offer up the day after the holidays as a holiday+ – extending to the weekend.  Retail isn’t so lucky, or maybe they are, depending on how we look at it – this is going to be one of the biggest sales weekend and the deals are amazing, take a look here 

But as usual, those of us San Francisco locals who decided to spend the holiday at home, have the heater on, and covered in blankets know we won’t be getting a glimpse of the fireworks, thanks to the usual fog covering most of the bay.


Food recipes source from here


Do you realize my choice of destinations include a body of water? I cannot live inland my friends.


I often choose hotel stay based on the decor

Would you plan a trip to see every building designed by your favorite architect – in this case Frank Lloyd Wright?

And Finally…

One of the most true to life show I have seen in a while – and highly recommend

Happy weekend everyone!

{featured image source – do you recall seeing in GOT?}

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