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Thinking Global In Topics

Not everyone celebrates July 4th – sometimes not even the Americans, so I figured I’d share topics for everyone who continues to  join in on all the fun at Raw Silk and Saffron.

But before I do, I have to say, I have no specific plans to partake in the holiday this year, but I am hopeful that at the very least the fog will stay at bay in San Francisco, just enough to enjoy the fireworks around the Golden Gate bridge which I am fortunate enough to see if I walk down a few blocks from my house.  And maybe, I’ll grill a steak and have some corn on the cob and  watermelon 🙂 – okay I’ll wear red-white-and-blue too.

Anyway, lets proceed to the more interesting topics – speaking of grilled steak…

Here’s a suggestion on how to grill the perfect steak –

You know if I can create this scene in my home-office, I’d never leave my desk – I’m just sayin’

Countries that are on the frontline of all things techy – surprisingly the US isn’t on the list. But am I really surprised though?

Airbnb Luxe is naturally the next step for a growing company, who took off like wildfire across the globe, is now dabbling in luxury villas and high-end homes.

Do you know where the hot dog originated from? I didn’t…


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