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Hello Monday

As you might have noticed, I’ve been silent the past week or so here and really for all the wrong reasons. I’ve had to juggle a few too many things and in between decided to shelf a few others until I can get caught up.

Well, last night at 10:30 p.m. I managed to get caught up enough to turn in and woke up on 2:30 a.m. and realized my list of things to do is only half done. I also realized this morning while commuting in to work, that most folks on on holiday, which is something I wish I could be doing right now. But this year it seems is going to be another tough one and I just have to continue to juggle until there is a happy balance.

Until then – let’s focus on a few distractions this Monday morning – in hopes to calm the anxiety.

If lounging around a pool is your aim this summer, consider this list of 21 flattering siwmsuits for any age – this particular one being my favorite women

Happy Birthday to one of the oldest and most handsomest monarchs of that certain generation I happen to adore.

12 really useful tips from real mums – some of which are an interesting approach to parenting

Summer cocktails to consider – all 35 of them since I had a difficult time choosing my favorite

So many novels are based around the Hotel Plaza in New York and some are pretty interesting – but the most interesting is this article about the juciests secret based on the Plaza Hotel – for those trivia buffs

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