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Decor: Paris + Apartment = My Happy Place

Let’s start the week off slow shall we?  I mean yesterday, being Mother’s day here in the US was a very busy day, full of happy visits with Mums, and the hustle and bustle of flower deliveries across the country, boxes of chocolate, or perhaps a gift card, and then there were FaceTime calls, I am certain of it. As for me, I asked my mother on Thursday what it is she liked to do on Mother’s Day – and she told me that she wanted to go to church. Since she has slowed down a great deal and is unable to go without my help.  So, on Saturday I treated her to a salon – with a hair trim and color and on Sunday helped her get dressed and we left for church. She was pretty chatty during the car-ride, but only because she was excited to be going somewhere she loves. After church – we discovered the ladies committee had a surprise brunch prepared for Mother’s day, so we stayed, and while my mother nibbled on snacks and drank a cup of coffee, she mingled with old friends, and got caught up on community gossip  :).  After a very busy morning-to-midday I drove her home and she took a nap while I prepared dinner in her honor – for the rest of the family to get-together.

Later, while I was cleaning up after dinner, she stood in the kitchen to keep me company like she normally does when I am washing dishes. I noticed the puzzled look on her face while she was staring at the tulips I gave her for Mother’s Day.  When I asked what was wrong, she told me she was wondering if the tulips came in any other color besides the champagne-pink, which I considered to be the classic of all tulips for Mother’s Day, until her comment. I replied  – purple.  I prefer purple – she said to my surprise, because for years anytime she saw purple, she reminded me just how much she hated the color, but that my father loved purple. So just to be sure she was meaning purple, I pointed to a painting hanging on her kitchen wall, with a not-so-pretty variations of purple flowers  and she grimaced, you are right, I hate purple, but it’s too bad the roses (tulips) you brought didn’t come in purple…

This morning, I had trouble waking up and getting ready for work – but this wonderful apartment in Paris pulled me out of the funk and gave me just the perfect inspiration to get my day started.




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