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Weirdest of Reflections Last Night

I fell asleep at 8 and was up by 2, stressing over a few things coming up in our household, or things I need to plan for, or rather how best to organize the chaos, and then all of a sudden my mind wandered off to…

How to Be Less Critical of Yourself

…is something I have gotten better at over the years,  where I catch myself from being overly hard on myself. This doesn’t mean I don’t think about my actions, or behavior and try to better myself, but the older I get the more confident I have become about the person that I am. The only thing that hasn’t changed over the years – is my fear of public speaking where I have to give a presentation and no matter how much I prepare and rehearse and come up with answers to every scenario or question someone may ask, the second I am in front of a crowd, or on a conference call, knowing there is a crowd,  I clam up and for the life of me cannot deliver the best of what I had prepared to present.    Do you spend too much time being hard on yourself? And if so, for what reason?  

How To Move Past From A Broken Heart

I believe healing from a broken heart is different depending on your age. For instance, at 15 when a boy breaks up with you, you think the world has just ended and you cancel going to the prom. From your 20’s to your 30’s you find self destruction to be the best solution – whether you grow bitter, or spend too much money or party like it’s the end of the word – self hurt in the beginning, is the only glue to a broken heart. Then you get wiser, and in your 40’s, once faced with a broken heart, you opt to run away, to Italy or France or somewhere that is your Euphoria and hide there for a while, then you return home to revamp yourself and become someone your ex is going to regret leaving, until of course you find someone else who earns your trust enough to mend your broken heart…  Then at 50+ you simply go out and buy that villa in Tuscany and hire a pool boy 🙂  Tell me, am I off my rocker, or there is some truth to my belief? Do you remember your first breakup, and how did you handle it? 

Older Women and Younger Men – Can It Work a Lifetime

You cannot control who you fall in love (lust) with – is a true fact. You can walk away from a not-so-perfectly matched love/lust, but you cannot control your feelings for that person no matter what. It is a unique chemistry, specific only to those two people and it must be tapped.  But I often wonder how long can a relationship last, where the women is older and the man much younger. I am not referring to an age gap under ten years, but rather 20+ – when the woman eventually reaches 80, and the man 55.  How can that possibly work? As it is now, a man and a woman, who are closer in age, have difficulty staying interested in one another for a lifetime, how can the age gap work past the initial attraction and lust?  At a point where the older woman faces many physical challenges, while the man is just reaching mid-life.  Have you ever been in a situation where you were attracted to someone half your age, and have either considered to go full force or simply just walked away? 

If There Is One Person I’ve Adored For Decades – it is…

Jennifer Aniston – who, in her recent interview, says that ‘we all have many soulmates – I don’t think there is one and only one – we have clusters‘ she says, which got me thinking that if her statement is true, Jennifer Aniston – could very well be one of my soulmates – she just doesn’t know it yet. Do you believe we can have many soulmates, or there is only one love-soulmate, and a best friend who simply gets you-soulmate? 

“I like funny people”


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