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Travel: Some Things You Might Want to Know Before You Go

I was renewing my driver’s license online last night and froze up when the option to renew was detailed past the normal of click here and pay and move forward. We now, in the states, have to choose between the regular or the Federal Compliant card, which is the only form of ID that will be accepted to enter federal buildings, and boarding domestic flights by October 2020.  What?

So, naturally this led to research – about changes we need to be aware of when considering travel.  For instance…

Changes in air travel

Tourists will now have to pay an entrance fee to Venice, Italy

squished seating on flights with the best marketing pitch – get to know if those special sales offer up the most comfortable seating on an aircraft

Did you know SIRI is a great travel tool?

Just in case you pass up on Parmigiano-Reggiano when in Rome – think again.

Understanding Brexit will help determine when best to travel to UK

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