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Boutique Hotel Picks – Stylish Motels In America

Since Airbnb, travelers have opted to stay most anywhere these days – a home in the woods, a tree house, a bungalow, and everything else outside of the normal hotel stay. And I suppose motel chains, or those independently owned have realized, they either need to step it up a bit, or become a thing of the past.

And so, the aim to renovate, and promote the chicest of stay for a handful of motels across America, and ones you may want to consider adding to your list – you know the one – where you drive your way across the country. This applies to Americans and tourists alike – check them out:

Anvil in Jackson Hole, Wyoming chicness is an understatement. Click here to make your booking

Brentwood – Saratoga, New York

The Skyview, Los Almos, California – near Santa Barbara is truly charming

The Drifter, New Orleans

Naturally, I had to add one from my city – The Phoenix San Francisco –

{featured image – Skyview Lodge}
{for a list of other properties, go here}

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