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Boutique Hotel Picks – Stylish Motels In America

Since Airbnb, travelers have opted to stay most anywhere these days – a home in the woods, a tree house, a bungalow, and everything else outside of the normal hotel stay. And I suppose motel chains, or those independently owned have realized, they either need to step it up a bit, or become a thing of the past. And so, the aim to renovate, and promote the chicest of stay for a handful of motels across America, and ones you may want to consider adding to your list – you know the one – where you drive your way across the country. This applies to Americans and tourists alike – check them out: {featured image – Skyview Lodge} {for a list of other properties, go here}

Travel: Disneyland’s Secret Menu Items?

I’ve been thinking about a weekend trip to my favorite place on earth – Disneyland – and just disappearing in fantasy-land (no punt intended).  And while I was looking into a package, you know air/hotel/entrance tickets, I came across this interesting site which details ‘The Best Secret Menu Items at Disneyland“. I’m on it:   {source for featured image}

shifting gears to travel

By the beginning of April I am planning my next trip to (mostly) Europe. However, as we know it, the wedding got in the way 😉  But after taking a few days to recover I am now  mentally prepared to plan a trip. The problem is there are too many places I want to visit this year and not enough time to accomplish my goal, so while I click my way through the internet for ideas, I can’t help but include some of my favorite staircases around Europe from here to inspire me to make a choice: