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Monday Morning Thoughts

Most people dread Monday mornings – for having to go to work, or school or other obligations they seem to not want to deal with. But, I am a strange bird, in that, I welcome Mondays – believe it or not – at this stage in my life, I love getting ready for work, and tackling the day.   I feel on Mondays, I have full control of how my day will go after a weekend of playing catch up mostly on chores, and commitments to show up to this and that, willingly or not so much by choice, so by Sunday night, I am too charged up somehow to wind down.

The best of Monday is my early morning commute  to downtown, and the opportunity to reflect upon all that I experienced over the weekend, and how it impacted me – positively or in a negative way and what I was able to take from it all:

  • Attended my first gender reveal party, which really blew my mind of how interesting the concept was ->all games leading to figuring out the sex of the baby and human reaction which I captured on photos.  Priceless.
  • I was angry several times this weekend, seeing dogs who were left in cars, while their ‘owners’ dined at a restaurant or shopped. Being a dog owner myself, I will never understand the reason behind taking your dog out of his/her comfort zone (home) and leaving them vulnerable inside of a vehicle.
  • The strangest of feelings is running into folks you haven’t seen for a while, and realizing you have nothing to really talk about.
  • My definition of fashion trend is whatever makes you feel the best of yourself, because anything else, will mostly like stand you out in the not so positive way.
  • Homelessness is the worst of a city problem and I wish I had the means to a solution.
  • Binge watching Downton Abbey got me thinking whether we are fortunate to be living during these moderns times or were those years in the show, the better of times.
  • I need to travel more –  and I think its time I set all that in motion for 2019.
  • I hardly see people smiling anymore, even while at a social gathering. I wish I could teach them about the secret to happiness.
  • Why is it that we focus more on the negative, than on the positive to things?
  • I will cancel my gym membership as of October 1st, and instead start playing tennis again, swim one day a week at a local indoor pool, and continue my walks about the city.
  • The exciting and yet a bit challenging season is upon us in San Francisco – because although we crave Fall/Autumn colors in fashion, the weather will dictate otherwise with the beginnings of the Indian Summer. But I am up to the challenge of sharing how to create the best of ensembles for the in-between seasons.
  • Spoke to a woman at a gathering, who told me that she is torn between staying in San Francisco to be with her mother or move to another state to be with a father she’s never known – and I told her – why don’t you take your mother with you to your new life? This, I cannot stop thinking about and wonder if I gave her the best advice?

How was your weekend?

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