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Travel: Chasing Fall Foliage

I’ve noticed the changing of the leaves in a subtle way, here in San Francisco and from the looks of this map, we are not due to full on changing of the leaves until – well – perhaps November or never?   Although I doubt that. Because I have seen a dozen or so maple leaf trees – not many – perched along the avenues in the city, among a few other trees I am unable to identify – are slowly turning colors.

But if you happen to need a full-on dose of the Fall changing foliage sometime soon, than book a trip – Northeast if you happen to be in the states, or Northwest, if you happen to be across the pond, itching to see first hand our version of Autumn changing leaves.

And I learned a thing or two about the type of leaves – which I couldn’t make out when staring up at those  trees in any number of neighborhoods throughout the city with the leaves in process at the moment.


So where to go when planning a trip in the U.S. to witness first hand the beautifully magical changing of the leaves –

Portland Maine


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