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Health and Beauty: Sugar and Carbs Explained

Since Keto, I have made a conscious effort to cut down on carbs and sugar. Meaning to say, that some days, especially when I feel overwhelmed or stressed, I crave nothing but French fries and a box of chocolate. So, I attempt to alleviate the stress and talk myself out of indulging in the cravings in large quantities. What can I say, I am human and although very disciplined in how I live my life, sometimes do ‘fall of the wagon’.

But just to help understand the damaging effect of sugar or carbs for those of us suffering from all sorts of issues – weight gain, bloating, digestive problems, diabetes, and/or allergies, I have listed excerpt from an article I found here.

Fruits: A favorable choice over a candy bar – any day – but… if you are overweight, fruit is not your friend 

Fruit should be an occasional treat, nature’s dessert, but do not count fruit, fruit juice, dried fruit or fruit pouches as equivalent to vegetables.

Fruit is packed with nutrients – well, not so much.

Fruit juice and smoothies are such a health boost – sorry, no.

Whether the sugar is from fruit, table sugar or organic, free range, natural, zero air miles, holistic, farmers market, bee friendly, coconut sugar – it is ALL sugar. 

Fruit is high in fructose which can only be metabolised in the liver, where it is turned into fat. We all know the term “beer belly”, otherwise known as alcoholic fatty liver disease, where fat deposits itself around the abdomen (the most dangerous type of fat). But you can also develop NON alcoholic fatty liver disease – from too much fructose. That fructose may come from sugar (half fructose half sucrose) in a high sugar or high carb diet, or it may come from the fructose found in fruit.

When you consume glucose, it is used as energy by your body, when you consume fructose it is metabolised by the liver into free fatty acids, VLDL and triglycerides, all of whom are stored as fat. It is the triglycerides that are the cause of heart disease. These fatty droplets accumulate in the liver and cause visceral fat (tummy fat or pot belly). The metabolism of fructose also causes a rise in uric acid levels which can cause raised blood pressure and gout.

So, here’s a challenge for myself – which I am sharing in case you are interested – to live sugar-free for one month in September by following the ad portal below:

And just in case you are having a tough time in the beginning, which will happen, then consider this recipe for gummy bears made with herbal tea

And who knows, if you are able to kick the sugar addiction to the curb in September, then what’s to say you can’t have a healthier Halloween and beyond.

And if you have some insights you’d like to share, the please feel free to add them in the comments section. If not, than would you ever considered BRANDLESS grocery shopping online?



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