My Mind Is All Over The Place

I sometimes wish I could get a visual on the inside of my brain – you know kind of see how in the world I manage to compartmentalize  all the SCHTUFF. You know, from every day life to what is going on worldwide and then the topics I wish I could comment on but would rather just keep my opinion to my self – just to avoid a backlash. Isn’t that silly. The fear that in the country where we are encouraged to speak our minds, I am more inclined to keep my ‘political’ opinions to myself then shed a certain light on the less informed or the ignorant. So, I chug along and instead focus on the fun topics, even while inside of my mind I am brewing with all sorts of opinions.

So, here’s to a handful of topics that are fun – and light and hopefully will calm all those stressed out or anxious over real or fake news streaming across the society control panel, I mean the internet.

First up – since I am a fanatic of French anything , I found the topic of how to save the French Brasserie one interesting article to share with all of you.
While in England a few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to explore Tintagel and get a a glimpse into the past – the likes of King Arthur or not – this small village or remnants thereof perched along the hills, with views of the Atlantic – had me in aw.
Would you consider glamping? An interesting approach to a family vacation or holiday – even for honeymooners
I think the most sickened I’ve become over the years is seeing parents on their cell phones while out with their children – spending ‘quality time’ – see what they say
If Star Wars in Your thing, then read on about this India Star War-esque town

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