What Does Colonel Sanders Have to Do With Parisian Chairs

Just that both topics have sparked an interest so intense today for me that I had to share along with a few other good to know-topics. Here we go:

What we apparently didn’t know about the best fried chicken and the chef – we’ve come to know and love. –
If you are planning a visit to Wisconsin – book a tour of this bizarre house on the rock
A story worth every word – about the famous Parisian chairs
I was introduced to IRN-BRU a year ago while in Scotland – having been told ‘ye can’t be in Edinburgh, and not try ’tis.” So I found it pretty entertaining to read about alterations being made to the recipe that has been holding steady since 1901. I totally get it – why change what’s not broken
Have you ever wondered why ruby red slippers- for the pope that is?

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