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Lifestyle: Changes Your Body Undergoes When Heartbroken

Four weeks later, and I am still experiencing sadness over the early-passing of a beloved family pet. What sucks the most is that I wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night, wondering if there was more any of us could have done to prevent it. But then after a good cry-hyperventilation, I reflect upon all the signs in the past year, leading to his faith three weeks ago. Heartbreak sucks.

Past the emotional pain, there is the physical aches I’ve never felt before, or rather some discomfort  worsened since January 22nd. Here’ what apparently happens to our bodies when we experience the worst of heart-breaks:

Hormonal change – When you experience a heartbreak and are upset, the happiness hormones turn off and are replaced by cortisol and epinephrine; the stress hormones. All that happiness and joy is channeled and turned into anxiety and stress. When stress hormones chronically linger, a person’s ability to form and make new memories starts to reduce. It is probably a coping mechanism developed by the brain in order to forget whatever was causing the stress.

A weaker immune system – Stress hormones release a lot of negative enzymes in the body which result in the immune system becoming weaker. This makes a person susceptible to falling sick. We deal with colds, flu, fevers on a daily basis but usually, our body is strong enough to be able to fight these off. 

The pain and stress that a heartbreak causes have a lot of negative effects on the body. It causes the body to produce less white blood cells, which is what helps to fight off infection.

Dietary change and weight gain – When we are faced with a stressful or negative part of our life, our immune system gets weaker and we tend to crave some foods to try and counteract that chemistry. This is why most people resort to fats, carbohydrates, sweet as well as salty things.

The cortisol hormone has been associated with increased belly fat and is responsible for the food cravings. These kinds of comfort foods lead to more production of Serotonin which can counter stress.

Sexual dysfunction

Skin Rashes – Stress hormones can easily cause an outbreak and affect your skin adversely. Conditions such as Psoriasis, rosacea or acne can get activated at this time. Any sort of extreme feeling can lead to the skin reacting to it. 

Suggestion to Help Yourself – What they say

Find someway to learn from it – Everything happens for a reason even though we may hate it. There will always be something you can learn even from your bad times and make yourself a stronger person

Forgive even if you cannot forget – It makes it a lot easier for you to get over the situation if you find it in you to forgive, not forget but try and move forward. {for the full article go here}

Suggestion to Help Yourself – What I Believe  – Cry, talk about it, set all the memories aside – out of site helps the healing until you can accept what’s happened and are able to truly move on.

I’d love to hear your take on the subject – do share.


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