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How Do We Measure True Love?

We all do this. When in a relationship, we question commitment when it comes to the matters of the heart. Mostly wondering if we are loved just as we’ve read in novels, or seen in movies and learned of fairy tales  about happily ever after.

But on this Valentine season, I ask, past all the fantasy, how do we measure true love? And here’s what I found.

According to the book The Seven Laws Of Love – these are the terms:


According to a psychologist  – these are the five things that will help you fall in love or lead you to love 

And then there are these helpful reminders:

The simple facts are – love should be:

When someone truly loves you, they will make “face time” a priority. There’s no substitute for it. There’s no volume of text messages or emails that can equate to the moments you spend looking a loved one in the eyes. Simply put, when we love someone, we will make it a priority to be near them.

Love manifests itself in partnership. Love thrives when you can walk into any situation hand-in-hand and side-by-side. Even in moments of disagreement, love beckons us to work together. When someone loves you, they’ll be willing to walk with you hand-in-hand even when the two of you aren’t seeing eye-to-eye. Love creates unity; not uniformity.

When someone loves you, he/she will “have your back.” When you’re back-to-back, you’re facing the challenges or even enemies in the world to protect your loved ones. We’re always willing to defend, and even at personal risk, to protect those we love. When someone loves you, they’re healing your wounds; not causing your wounds.

“Hand to foot” represents a posture of selflessly serving out of love. When we serve someone only to be served in return, we’re only “networking,” but when we serve and ask nothing in return, we’re showing true love.

And just in case you doubt, then there are real-life love stories to learn from and get inspired.

Or historical true-love stories that you may also find interesting

And here’s how I see it –

Anything else you want to add? If not, have a wonderful Valentine’s Day – no matter what your plans.

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