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Lifestyle: Keeping Healthy This Holiday Season

While discussing Thanksgiving with my mother a few days ago, I expressed my concern for keeping the menu healthy enough to continue my efforts to stay on track in my eating habits, which by the way I keep pushing on her, and my extended family. They may hate me now, but will thank me long-term when they see the results for a healthier living.

Anyway, if you understand my struggle to keep it healthy this holiday season, here’s some helpful reminders to keep in mind and preach – hahaha – to the rest of your clan.

First up, consider mindful eating most any event you attend over the holidays and beyond of course

Wheat Belly Diet or lack thereof – is something to think about when reaching for that second helping of the dinner roll

Low fat, high protein is my diet of choice – which if done properly isn’t considered a diet at all

I know I don’t need an excuse to drink a cup of black tea, flavored just right with cinnamon, cloves and vanilla – and recently there’s news of the healthy benefits of the beverage choice over coffee – after dinner – and with dessert

And here’s a thought – if you hate turkey as much as I do – go vegetarian this Thanksgiving or add a few of these wonderful recipes

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